Bearded Dragon Can It Eat Mealworms?

A bearded dragon is a type of lizard that can be seen in the wild in Australia and Asia. They are sometimes referred to as beardies or dragons, so this question will help you answer if your pet’s name is a good choice for her species. Bearded Dragons need plenty of calcium from their diet, which makes them vulnerable to vitamin D3 deficiency (although there are other factors involved). If she doesn’t like mealworms, try crickets instead.

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A bearded dragon is a lizard native to Australia. This species of reptile can reach an average length of 7-9 inches, with some specimens growing up to 13 inches and weighing up to 1.5 pounds when fully grown. The bearded dragon eats both meat and vegetables like crickets, mealworms, small mice or wax worms.

Bearded Dragons can eat mealworms. The baby bearded dragon is the perfect size for a mealworm, and they have a high protein content.

Why won’t my bearded dragon eat crickets?

A: Your bearded dragon may not be hungry enough to eat crickets. It is important that your bearded dragon eats a variety of foods, including insects. If you are feeding your bearded dragon crickets, its best to offer them in moderation and make sure theyre not the only food source for your bearded dragon.

Baby bearded dragons are omnivores. They eat a variety of insects, small lizards, and other invertebrates. Mealworms can be an easy source of food for baby bearded dragons. Reference: what do baby bearded dragons eat.

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