What Insects Does a Bearded Dragon Can Eat?

The Bearded Dragon is a lizards native to Australia and New Guinea. This colorful dragon has two horns that curl towards its head, giving it an unusually shaped face. An adult can grow up to 3 feet long with the ability to weigh between 6-14 pounds. They are omnivorous meaning they eat both plants and meat.,

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The “what insects do bearded dragons eat” is a question that has been asked many times. There are many different types of insects that can be eaten by a Bearded Dragon, but they should be given in moderation as they are not all good for the dragon.

Why won’t my bearded dragon eat worms?

A: Your bearded dragon is probably not hungry enough. Bearded dragons need to eat a lot, so they can grow big and strong. If your bearded dragon is not eating enough, it may be because the worms are too small or too old for them.


The “what fruits can bearded dragons eat” is a question that many people have. There are many different types of fruits and vegetables that bearded dragons can eat. The best thing to do is to consult with your local reptile store for the list of fruits and vegetables that are safe for your pet.

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