Can Bearded Dragon Lizards Eat Bacon and Cheese Flavored Crickets?

A bearded dragon lizard is an insectivore, meaning it’s a small reptile with sharp teeth that feeds on insects. It can eat both crickets and mealworms without any difficulty. They also love bacon and cheese flavored crickets because of their saltiness and crunchy bite. The only issue when feeding them these foods is the risk for salmonella poisoning if they’re not cooked thoroughly or have been in contact with other unclean food items like hay from bedding material before being ingested by the animal, which makes cooking especially important for caretakers to avoid this danger!

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The “can bearded dragons eat cheese” is a question that has been asked many times before. The answer is yes, they can eat cheese and bacon flavored crickets.

Is it OK to leave crickets in with my bearded dragon?

A: It is not recommended to leave crickets in with your bearded dragon. Crickets are a natural predator of lizards, and if they were to enter the enclosure, it would be very difficult for your bearded dragon to escape.


Bearded dragons are omnivores, so they can eat a variety of foods. They will eat fruits, vegetables and insects like crickets, mealworms and roaches. Reference: can bearded dragons eat grapes.

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