Can Chinchillas Eat Walnuts?

Walnuts are a nutritious and delicious snack for any pet. Unfortunately, despite their delicious nutty flavor, they do not agree with chinchillas’ sensitive digestive systems. This means that walnuts should never be fed to chinchillas as part of their diet.

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Chinchillas are rodents that can eat walnuts, but they cannot eat peanuts. Read more in detail here: what nuts can chinchillas eat.

What foods are poisonous to chinchillas?

A: Chinchillas are not particularly susceptible to food poisoning. They can, however, be poisoned by ingesting too much of a certain type of plant or by eating something that has been contaminated with pesticides.


Chinchillas are rodents that can eat a variety of foods, but they should not be given walnuts. Walnuts contain cyanide and other toxic substances which can kill the rodent. Reference: can chinchillas eat almonds.

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