Can Ferrets Eat Maggots?

Maggots are a type of fly larvae that can be found in garbage. They’re also one of the most common sources for diseases, such as dysentery, typhoid fever and trichinosis. If you have ferrets at home then they should not eat maggot-infested food or dead animals because it could result in sickness or death.

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Ferrets can eat maggots. It is important to know what type of worms are in the ferret poop, as some types of worms can be dangerous for your pet.


Ferrets are a domesticated species of mammal that is related to weasels and polecats. They are typically found in the wild in North America, Europe, and Asia. Ferrets are omnivores with a taste for meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and cereal grains. Some ferrets also eat insects like maggots. Reference: ferret symptoms chart.

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